Experience the Exodus from Egypt yourself! 

Dressed in authentic Benei Israel clothing, you shall prepare yourselves in an interactive, hands-on way, to leave Egypt as our forefathers did, eons ago. Our professional guides will enrich you with historical and spiritual knowledge. Kfar Kedem is reconnecting all to the roots of our heritage – an experience that enlivens the values and spirit of Biblical times, which continue to be a part of our lives today.

 v “Greener Pastures” – Following the footsteps of Moses the shepherd. While making provisions for the trip, you’d learn how milk is turned into cheese and wool made into cloth. You’ll milk the goats, to prepare fresh cheese, shear the sheep and spin the wool. Savor the flavors & inhale the aromas, Benei Israel tasted & smelled.

v “Donkey Trails” – You shall load all you have prepared for the road and exit the gates with the people- young and old- to hit the road to freedom!  Donkey rides around Kfar Kedem- just like old times.

v “Pigeon Note” – You can write your message and get a homing pigeons to take with you to your next stop to launch it, so we know you’ve reached your destination safely. Upon the pigeon’s arrival we shall scan the note to send you a message from the future by E-mail… (at an additional cost of 186 NIS).


Exodus experience 152 NIS pp from the age of 2 and up.

We are open during Chol HaMoed (17.4-20.4- Full day. 15+21.4 Half day). Shabbat & Holydays- closed.

v Total duration of the activity- 1.5 hours.

v Please note that a party of fewer than 10 persons pays additional private guide fee of 470 NIS.