All year activities

In Kfar Kedem you can enjoy the activities listed below all year round:

v  “Wheat to Bread” – How are those fields of wheat turned into bread? Learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff, grind it into flour and bake fresh pita.

v  “Greener Pastures” – How is milk made into cheese and wool made into cloth? Follow in the shepherds’ footsteps: Jacob and Sons, Moses and David. Savor the flavors they tasted. Inhale the aromas they smelled. Shear the sheep, spin the wool and milk the goats to make fresh cheese: You can spread it on the pita that you’ll bake yourselves. Yum!

v  “Donkey Trails” – Abraham rode the original 4×4! Donkey rides through the Galilee hills.

v  “Nomad’s Tent” – Recline on oriental cushions and be served with strong coffee, herbal tea or one of our delicious meals: Taste of Galilee or Hafla Meal 

For more options view our Homing pigeon page & Seasonal activities page.

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